Ratsasan, movie review

Ratsasan Language and year: Tamil, 2018 One line plot: When a series of school girls are gone missing and found mutilated, an aspiring film maker turned police officer is gushed into a series of events involving a serial killer. Detailed non/semi spoiler plot: When a series of school girls are gone missing and found mutilated, … Continue reading Ratsasan, movie review

The Charm of Chamonix- France!!

Inside a Swizz train coach, I occupy a window seat, through the pane my eyes graze over alps while images of Zermatt in the past occupying much of present in my mind. The affair with Alps continues from Zermatt to Chamonix (pronounced as Sha-mo-nee). Geography: Chamonix is placed beautifully in the middle of french alps close … Continue reading The Charm of Chamonix- France!!

Lake Konigsee, Germany, Travel Tips

Berchtesgaden and Konigsee are placed in southern Germany with breath-taking views that can make you wobble in dizziness. Expect to be mesmerized by natures exhibition of its purity. How to get there: Trains can be taken from Munich or Salzburg (M-train). You can also use Bavaria pass that covers this area too. Would take you nearly 2 … Continue reading Lake Konigsee, Germany, Travel Tips

The Invisible Guest, movie review

The Invisible Guest Language and year: Spanish, 2017 One line plot: What happens when a person is caught for murder in locked room for which he claims he has no knowledge of. Detailed non/semi spoiler plot: The movie starts with a business man being arrested by police accusing that he has murdered his lover in … Continue reading The Invisible Guest, movie review

I have Finally seen Paradise- Zermatt, Switzerland!!

Every Travel is a little madness!! It liberates me like a bird getting out of a cage. Geography: Zermatt is in the middle of Swizz alps. Nearest airport is in Geneva. It is 3.5 hours train ride from Geneva. Language: German, French, English Currency: Swiss franc Getting There: You need to take a train to Visp. … Continue reading I have Finally seen Paradise- Zermatt, Switzerland!!

Picture Perfect Krakow-Poland

Some destinations capture your heart in a effortless way. A place need not be famous or glamorous to win you, infact its the places that are not famous impress you in strangest manner. Christmas season in Europe is blessing to drown. In a lot of ways, it the time of the year to enjoy, relax … Continue reading Picture Perfect Krakow-Poland

Meeting ends of Earth-The Arctics-Tromso, Norway

I was in class 7, my Geography teacher explained to me about the phenomenon of lights glowing in dark sky in Arctics and Antarctica. I was amazed and I can recall clearly that the naive me, had wishes to see them in the terrace. After one and half decades now, the curiosity has not reduced … Continue reading Meeting ends of Earth-The Arctics-Tromso, Norway

Interesting Facts about Bhutan..!!

Bhutan is landlocked country leaning on to the east of great Himalayas. A truly unique country with plenty of jaw dropping sights and truly genuine way of living. World has a lot to learn from this tiny country that has not sold its conscience to modernity and economics. Here are some quirky facts about Bhutan … Continue reading Interesting Facts about Bhutan..!!

Beauty of the world through the eyes of Konigsee, Germany

Have you ever opened a book and right in the beginning itself you feel like you have dived into something wonderful? Yeah it was one such experience. We left from Herzogenaurach to Munich through Erlangen. We took the M-train that goes to Salzburg and changed trains at Freilassing deviating to Berchtesgaden. As the tiny train … Continue reading Beauty of the world through the eyes of Konigsee, Germany

Travel Tips-Vietnam, Hanoi and Ninh Binh

  Many times we try to get useful information before travelling to an unknown land. It is wise to know few important points so that we don't take our travel plans off the track. I had great time visiting the wonderful country- Vietnam. One of the primary reason why I started writing blogs is to … Continue reading Travel Tips-Vietnam, Hanoi and Ninh Binh