My Rendezvous with Ninh Binh- Vietnam..!!

If you would like to have a super power, what would you want it to be..?? The most common wish probably would be to fly or being invisible. Well, you must trust me when i say you will have both these powers when you travel. The joy of being above clouds with feet on your … Continue reading My Rendezvous with Ninh Binh- Vietnam..!!


My Rendezvous with Hanoi and Ha long bay- Vietnam

We play our existence in search of boundless freedom with a wish to be defeated by unleashing human spirit. In a number of ways unique to each of us, we find a path towards this exploration. Travel is my path. Geography: Hanoi is capital of Vietnam situated in the northern part of the country. Language: … Continue reading My Rendezvous with Hanoi and Ha long bay- Vietnam

Savoring Baltic Breeze-Vilnius-Lithuania

Baltics is a region in Europe that is overlooked by most of them as a travel destination. Lithuania is a country you don't read about much in blogs and travel sites. Well, as a curious traveler, I'd love to explore every inch of this planet. Geography: Vilnius is capital of Lithuania, Baltic country, situated in … Continue reading Savoring Baltic Breeze-Vilnius-Lithuania

Blooms of Keukenhof, Holland

Spring spreads smiles. Cold winds make way for bright sunlight breaking through cloudy skies. The months of March to May may be anything around the world, but these months are waiting for the buds of Tulips to bloom in Holland to celebrate the Tulip festival of Keukenhof. Geography: Keukenhof is a small village in Lisse, … Continue reading Blooms of Keukenhof, Holland

Nuremberg, Germany..!!

The old city of Nuremberg known for Christmas markets and Gingerbread cookies is a picture perfect medieval town resonating thousand years of aura. The old town winding into maze of exemplary history gifts us with pure joy as we hike around its cobbled streets. Geography:  Nuremberg belongs to state of Bavaria, Southern Germany. Language: German, … Continue reading Nuremberg, Germany..!!